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Fabricamus Architecture and Engineering draws inspiration from the Latin term "fabricamus", which means to build using materials such as iron, stone and wood.
Our firm has over ten years of experience in the field of turnkey building renovations, also including consolidation and seismic improvement. We pay particular attention to structural aspects, having accumulated vast experience in seismic improvement interventions and repairs of buildings damaged by seismic events, starting from the 1997 earthquake in the regions of Umbria and Marche.

Our specialization also includes the construction of new buildings, a sector in which we integrate customized design solutions and creative proposals in a contemporary style. The Fabricamus Architecture and Engineering studio represents the formal and cultural continuity of the professional studio Antonelli e Associati, founded by the architect Franco Antonelli (1929-1994), an important figure in the architectural events of Umbria in the last century.

Fabricamus offers services within the following operational areas:
Social housing - Fabricamus

Social Housing building complex

Construction of a social housing building complex. Volumetric composition with internal courtyard, two floors and without basements. Creation of an appurtenant space "protected" from public roads.
Nuovo edificio polifunzionale - Fabricamus

New multipurpose building

Project with demolition of the two existing buildings located in a restricted cemetery area and construction of a new multifunctional building on a single level, with flat roof.

Villa with double patio

Project of a single-family residence spread over a single level inspired by the typology of the "Domus" of the Roman era: natural light and external spaces are linked to the presence of two "courts"

Villa S+S

Newly built residential building on three levels, designed with an architectural language aimed at enhancing the play of geometric volumes that determine the external and internal composition.

Architectural restoration of a religious building

Architectural restoration of the Santa Maria Infraportas parish complex after the 1997 earthquakes

U-shaped private villa design

Design of a U-shaped private villa immersed in a beautiful hilly landscape near Foligno

Design of a multi-storey multi-purpose building

Construction from scratch of a multi-storey building located in the hamlet of Santa Maria degli Angeli – Assisi

Abbey of Santa Croce – Sassovivo

Post-earthquake damage repair, consolidation and conservative restoration of the cloister (13th century) and the church (18th century). Lighting design for the cloister ambulatory

Renovation of residential building

Externally, on the entire perimeter of the building, an insulating coating (of the "coat" type) with a thickness of 8 cm was carried out, after demolishing the existing plaster

Attic-attic interior design

The project concerns the interior design of an apartment under construction, on the attic floor of a multi-family building in Spoleto (PG).

Detached villa with patio

Extension of residential unit and interior design

Dynamic Home

Dynamic home, intelligent space that adapts to the needs of those who live there

Single level villa renovation

Demolition project of existing agricultural outbuildings and consequent reconstruction of the relevant urban volume

Appurtenant works for private villa

Appurtenant works to be foreseen in the swimming pool area and design of the shade structures

Private villa with swimming pool

Design of a private residence with a reinforced concrete load-bearing structure, designed with respect for the surrounding agricultural landscape

Interior design of a private villa

Interior design of a private villa, immersed in the Umbrian countryside

Multifunctional underground building

Building design, to be built in a flat area of ​​landscape value, hypothesized completely below the ground level (hypogeum)

Interior design private apartment

The property concerned is an apartment on the first floor, in a recently built building; internally it was decided to floor the entire walkable surface with parquet, with the exception of just one bathroom.

Villa with large skylight overlooking the sky

New construction of a two-family building with maxi skylight overlooking the sky