Appurtenant works for private villa

Municipality of Bastia Umbra (PG)

Appurtenant works in the swimming pool area and design of the shade structures.

The design of outdoor spaces

The intervention project concerns appurtenant works to be planned in the swimming pool area, located very close to the house (private villa). The planned intervention compared two solutions: the first with rectilinear structures and very linear square shapes; the second with curved profile structures and natural shading (bamboo, climbing plants).

Curved profile outdoor gazebo

The curved profile gazebo, a model of shading structure, is outdoor furniture that can be placed outdoors, near swimming pools, in lawns, gardens, pavements and passage areas, in both private and public settings; It has a shading function. The design idea foresees that it can be created in such a way as to be composed on site, therefore modularity and adaptability is expected; the structure is easily transportable, modifiable, expandable and movable if necessary.

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