Church of Santa Maria Infraportas

Foligno (PG)

Architectural restoration carried out on the parish complex, financed following the seismic events of 1997

Restoration of the Church of Santa Maria Infraportas

The architectural restoration of the parish complex, financed after the 1997 earthquakes, went beyond mere seismic repairs. It aimed at a complete redevelopment, balancing the new liturgical needs with the conservative ones, respecting the historical eras stratified on the structure. The historical-archival analysis and the critical survey of the artefact preceded the first design phases, oriented towards the recovery of the eighteenth-century style and the understanding of the previous construction phases. After the intervention, the assembly rediscovered ancient spaces, enhanced by the retreat of the altar and the design of the new presbytery space, with a sober and contemporary architectural language. This new layout favored the entry of natural light, giving a new identity to the altar and presbytery space. The transformations involved the repositioning of the tabernacle and the creation of a new diaphragm (in the right transept) which "marks" the ancient limit of the church and identifies a penitential space, corresponding to an ancient external chapel on Via di Santa Maria Infraportas.

A careful and accurate study

In short, externally the church has undergone restoration and consolidation interventions, concentrated on the repair of the roofs, the stuccoing of the facades and the re-plastering. Internally, recent interventions have been removed without an organic vision, and the church presents a renewed appearance thanks to the new stone flooring, replacing that of 1957. The archaeological excavations did not influence the choice of material, opting for a local rectangular stone which was smooth but unpolished, which integrates harmoniously with the ancient structures. The assembly reflects the main construction phases of the architectural complex through changes in the layout of the courses.

Alessio Vissani Photographer, Foligno, PG


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