Dynamic Home

A new dynamic concept of living space

Dynamic Home design

Dynamic architecture is the current design frontier for those who deal with architecture, and it is however a paradigm that is used to propose and create parts of large structures or skyscrapers and towers intended mostly for large clients in economic boom countries . The designers of “ARCHINAPSI” imagined that the theme of dynamics can also be used on a small scale, because by overcoming the static dimension of space, many new possibilities arise; and it is precisely the single home that is the privileged place for managing the daily living space.
The project illustrates the futuristic vision of the home understood as “evolutionary”, a project created thanks to both the economic and technical commitment of the then Vibrocemento Perugia spa. The proposal introduces the principle of a progressive re-appropriation of the house by the inhabitant: re-appropriation which manifests itself in the satisfaction of his needs for characterizing the living space.
The accommodation is in fact conceived in an “evolutionary” way, that is, with its ability to expand and contract within the primary casing: the latter is able to guarantee structural, hygienic and thermal reliability and comes from the The beginning was made in its maximum volumetric conformation. To understand the evolution of this type of house, just think that the “evolutionary house” could count on an efficient solar energy supply system.

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