Conversion of agricultural annex

Municipality of Foligno (PG)

Complete conversion of agricultural annex - 210 sqm

Demolition and reconstruction project

The intervention involves the complete demolition and reconstruction of the existing building (a barn) without increasing volume or surface area. The new building maintains the previous rural style, despite being a modern intervention, combining advanced construction solutions with traditional materials. The new structure has identical volumes and the same base area, characterized by large windows on the south side, a "hut"-type gable roof and an external cladding in grilled bricks typical of barns. The facades have geometric modules outlined by exposed brick pillars. The structure involves the use of reinforced concrete, brick-cement floors and a laminated wood roof. The roof will be covered with tiles and undertiles, with wooden and brick eaves overhangs, while the drainage systems will be made of copper. The external frames will be made of painted or treated wood. Internally, the new building will have the following layout:
- On the ground floor there will be 2 rooms and 2 spaces dedicated to the processing of the farm's products.
- On the upper floor there will only be the living area, accessible from the external brick courtyard

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