Multi-storey multi-purpose building

Santa Maria degli Angeli (PG)

Construction from scratch of a multi-storey building

External architectural project of a multi-storey building

The intervention concerns the construction from scratch of a multi-storey building located in the hamlet of Santa Maria degli Angeli, a few steps from the Basilica and in an urban context consisting of a network of buildings facing the street characterized, on the back, by a evident volumetric and finishing disorder.
The design choice falls by contrast on a pure volumetry, consisting of a parallelepiped which is broken by a glass slit located in correspondence with the stairwell. The new architectural presence is not conditioned by the existing ones, and declares its uncompromising modernity.
This volume is lightened by the use of a "skin" detached from the walls, perforated with a pattern inspired by the existing floor motif on the roof of the "Porziuncola" located inside the Basilica. The cladding panels can be opened like a booklet and therefore randomly modify the external appearance of the building, breaking the geometric modularity of the external cladding.

Edificio polifunzionale - Fabricamus

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