Construction of new multipurpose building

Project year 2020

Project of a new single-level building with flat roof

Draft Nuovo edificio polifunzionale - Fabricamus

New multipurpose building

The project involves the demolition of the two existing buildings located in a restricted cemetery area (Rivotorto Commonwealth Cemetery, Assisi) in favor of the construction of a new building on a single level, with a flat roof. The plan of the new building has a very simple geometry to avoid characterizing the landscape with a very recognizable and impactful "sign". The position of the new volume was identified at the point furthest from the burials, with an orientation parallel to the border line.
Given the functional needs, which make it necessary to increase the built surface area to accommodate the necessary uses (offices, kitchenette, toilets, tool shed, closets), it was decided to merge these functions into a single building, with a regular and compact volume, long and narrow, positioned parallel to the property border to the north-east. This linearity is interrupted only by two recesses: one to the south which identifies the entrance, one to the north which "houses" a tree.
The architectural language proposed for the new built volume aims to express an integration between Architecture and Nature, with the internal walls continuing outside becoming "green walls", geometric vegetation, and creating a balanced dialogue between the building and the surrounding environment.
As regards the finishes, the project involves an integration of the external cladding (in wood with vertical slats) with climbing plants on the north side and the creation of "green walls" on the south side of variable length but constant height (270 cm), perpendicular to the perimeter wall and aligned with the existing transverse walls inside the building. This solution allows the building to be visually shielded when the observer is positioned diagonally to the long façade, minimizing the visual impact of the building on the natural environment.

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