Private villa with swimming pool

Municipality of Bastia Umbra (PG)

Design of a private residence with reinforced concrete load-bearing structure

Private villa design with swimming pool

The project for the private residence was born from the clients' desire for a "traditional" language in external architecture, respecting the agricultural landscape of the area on which the building stands and in continuity with the typically Umbrian rural building typologies. The possibility of enjoying a vast external space to the south and the presence, to the north, of a road from which it was not possible to move away (due to urban planning constraints) oriented the design choices towards a differentiation of the external volumes, which are mainly closed on the side street (punctuated by slit openings) and decidedly open to the south onto the spaces belonging to the house (double-height glass); the mezzanine solution for disengaging the sleeping area is also aimed at accentuating the perception of "internal-external" continuity.
The L-shaped volumetric articulation is functional to the internal distribution which includes a main housing unit on two levels above ground and an "annex" on a single level, with the possibility of internal connection.

Fotografie: Alessio Vissani, Foligno, PG

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