Renovation of residential building

Municipality of Bastia Umbra (PG)

Design solutions, regular volume, roofing and insulating cladding

Ristrutturazione edificio residenziale - Fabricamus

Renovation of residential building

Externally, on the entire perimeter of the building, an insulating coating (of the “coat” type) with a thickness of 8 cm was carried out, after demolishing the existing plaster (3cm).
The design solutions aimed to attenuate the current compositional complexity, aligning the openings where possible, eliminating the external stairwells, some overhangs (terraces), all the planters present, and providing for the creation of vertical sunshades (a theme already dear to the first designer) which visually help to “recompose” a regular volume, and at the same time allow greater discretion from the outside. On the roof, a single regular plane was created which determines an overhang (overhang of the eaves) on the edge of the perimeter walls, still signaling and delimiting a regular volume within which overhangs and recesses coexist. The new roofing was made of flat copper tiles.

Alex Farinelli Photographer

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