Restoration of historic villa

Municipality of Foligno (PG)

Restoration and seismic improvement intervention on a historic villa

Building renovation of villa of historical-architectural value

The project concerned the transformation of a historic residence close to the historic center of Foligno, originally composed of two separate apartments with independent accesses, one on each floor. We wanted to combine the two units to form a single residence: the ground floor would be the living area, while the upper floor would be the sleeping area. The main entrance remained on the street front, with stylish external stairs and a small terrace. The internal stairs have been preserved without altering the architectural structure.
Structural interventions were carried out, including the renovation of the roofs, paying particular attention to the original terrazzo floors with decorated panels in each room. In the furnishings, the integrity of the decorated panels was respected. The living area has been divided into two distinct spaces: a traditional lounge and a TV lounge, with different furnishing styles. The first space has been furnished in a traditional way, in harmony with the surrounding architectural style, while the second features a contemporary design, with a custom-made wall that integrates bio-fireplace and TV.

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