Social Housing building complex

Project year 2023

Volumetric composition with internal courtyard

Draft Nuovo edificio polifunzionale - Fabricamus

Social Housing building design

The volumetric composition with internal courtyard was chosen mainly for two reasons:
- First of all, we wanted to look for a structure that would allow it to be maintained on two floors, without basements, distributing the necessary surfaces in the available building space.
- Finally, we wanted to create an appurtenant space "protected" from the public traffic of “Via degli Alfieri”, exclusively pedestrian, which could be perceived not as a condominium space but as a "common" space.

This space used as a "common courtyard" hosts four new plantings, and also presents different access points and different views of the urban and agricultural context. To highlight this objective of the project, the choice of external elevations was treated by differentiating the wall facing of the ground floor, in exposed brick, from the vertical slat cladding of the first floor; this solution also involves the eaves overhang (infrados). This division into horizontal bands determines a less invasive perception of the built volumes.
On the roof, a purely functional solution was chosen, i.e. the flat roof that houses the photovoltaic panels, positioned in relation to the relevant real estate units. Access to the roof level is particularly easy as inside the courtyards there is an open stairwell on the perimeter that goes up to the roof. All stairwells are to all intents and purposes external spaces, as they are protected by the roof, but do not have perimeter walls.

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