Villa with large skylight overlooking the sky

Municipality of Foligno (PG)

New construction of a two-family building consisting of two non-symmetrical units.

Villa with large skylight overlooking the sky

Welcome to the world of architectural innovation, where the synergy between our studio, Fabricamus Architecture and Engineering, and the LC studio of Foligno merges to create extraordinary homes. This residence, divided into two levels above ground and a basement, represents excellence in contemporary design.
Our designers focused on the harmony of geometric volumes, creating an intriguing space that enhances the connection between inside and outside. The collaboration between the two studios allowed us to take care of every detail, from the general architecture to the selection of furniture and lighting, transforming this home into an authentic work of living art.

Cutting-edge architectural solutions

The centerpiece of the design, a double-height space above the fireplace wall, not only gives an impressive feeling of spaciousness, but also a stunning source of zenithal light. This skylight not only adds aesthetic value, but also reveals mastery in the functional approach, ensuring natural lighting that perfectly marries form and function. The aerial perspective and articulated lighting embody our commitment to offering avant-garde architectural solutions, designed to elevate the living experience to higher levels of aesthetics and practicality.

Fotografie: Alessio Vissani, Foligno, PG

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