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The firm

The associated studio "Fabricamus Architecture and Engineering" is made up of three professionals: arch. Oreste Batori, eng. Federico Berti Piras, engineer. Stefano Rubellini. The studio was founded about 20 years ago, giving continuity to the Arch's work. Franco Antonelli was the protagonist of the Umbrian architectural events of the second half of the 20th century. The vision of the studio is centered on the desire to combine multiple disciplinary skills in integrated design, linked to architectural, structural and plant design.

The name of the studio "Fabricamus" wants to emphasize the fact that a design studio "builds": designing is already an act of building, together with the client. Our vision of design is centered on dialogue: each project arises from a relationship with multiple subjects, multiple contexts, multiple problems. Dialogue means first of all "listening": the designer must not give in to the temptation to leave a "mark" on the territory, he must avoid "talking about himself" and make his own style visible, recognisable. The project must aim for maximum functionality of the internal spaces, because they give meaning to the architecture.

The following professionals currently own the firm:

Oreste Batori


Registered in the Province’s Register of Architects of the province of Perugia

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Architectural design is ultimately a form of “dialogue”, which takes shape in the comparison between the designer and the client, between multidisciplinary skills, between the new and the pre-existing, between the built environment and the landscape”


Federico Berti Piras


Registered in the Register of Engineers of the province of Perugia

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Architecture is that complex and irrational set of creative scribbles that courageously alter the projection of shadows in the space in which we live”.


Stefano Rubellini


Registered in the Register of Engineers of the province of Perugia

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“Planning comes from the Latin “pro” – forward and “jacere” – to throw; or what is thrown in front. Humanity has always tried to advance by leaning out, looking beyond its borders; the project, whatever form it takes, is the desire to go beyond the current situation to rise towards new goals. Designing means seeing the future differently”


The mission

Close to the landscape

Our approach to design prefers languages ​​consolidated in the territory in which we intervene, preferring the use of traditional materials combined with contemporary technological solutions to guarantee maximum functionality. By virtue of the skills of the designers who make up the studio, the consultancy and design activity takes place in an integrated manner, addressing the structural and plant engineering problems at the same time as the architectural project. This organization allows you to relate to a single reference firm, without having to manage several individually appointed professionals.

Close to your ideas

The design follows a process aimed at maximum customization and satisfaction of the final result: each assignment is carried out with the focus on interpreting the inputs received from the customer, always paying attention to the optimization of intervention costs. Our goal is a correct and coherent architectural language; we propose themes to develop, but each intervention ultimately reflects above all the taste, needs and inclinations of our customers.

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