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Our contribution to the “Italian-Architects” magazine, RDE editore 2023.

The intervention consists of the construction of a single-family residence spread over a single level; the architectural concept was deliberately born from the analysis of the functionality of the internal spaces and external courtyards. This imprint on the project was dictated by the input of the client, who had expressly requested total privacy with respect to the external context and at the same time desired a strong visual and functional connection between internal and external spaces.

The planimetric composition is clearly inspired by the Domus of the Roman era: the external spaces are the true fulcrum of the project, and determine the planimetric composition, punctuated by the square module but softened by the circularity of the voids on the roof. The presence of the space used as a patio, around which the architectural volume develops, generates a visual link between the various living spaces. Access to the house takes place at a square “impluvium” with a circular opening, from which you can also see the cars in the garage; then you enter the living area, which is glazed over both open spaces, the internal garden (patio) and the impluvium. The building also has other green spaces from which the zenithal light spreads into all the internal spaces of the house.

The objective of the design choices is to give a double sensation to the clients: on the one hand, when you are inside, you perceive a strong connection with the patio and the impluvium, almost as if you were outside; on the other hand, when you are on the patio, you feel “inside” a space, protected, in absolute privacy compared to the outside, almost as if you were inside the house. The external walls are treated according to two different criteria: the wooden cladding is reserved for the walls that delimit the internal envelopes for residential use, while the cladding with exposed brick facing painted white is related to the perimeter walls that do not delimit the house.

Taken from the magazine Architettitaliani RDE editor 2023

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