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Project by the Fabricamus Architecture and Engineering studio

Who wouldn’t want to get lost in observing the sky, comfortably seated in an armchair? In this living room the height was ingeniously modeled around the light. The particular skylight allows for zenithal lighting that floods the environment with light and leads the gaze into the distance. Ultra-contemporary architectural lines and modern furnishings harmonize.

Special features of the stay. «The most important aspect on which I focused for the internal spaces is constituted by a central “void”, that is, a double (or rather, triple) height space which culminates in a very large skylight, from which a large zenithal light enters. effect. The first floor also overlooks the living room through this central “void”, and therefore even from the sleeping area you can see the sky through the skylight”.

The chosen aesthetic. «The interiors are inspired by the contemporary minimalist language, even if the “central void” solution is inspired by the Roman impluvium, or the courtyard located at the entrance to the domus and open to the sky, with the function of collecting rainwater. In this case we could say… “impluvium of light”»

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