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Riqualificazione Teatro Torti Bevagna - Fabricamus

Work has recently begun on the redevelopment project of the Torti Theater in Bevagna, a monument of inestimable architectural and historical value.
Our studio, in charge of the design, will also carry out the function of works management. The executing company is R.A. Costruzioni s.r.l. Via Tiberina n. 36, Collazzone (PG); The person Responsible for the Procedure is engineer Paola Ferri (Municipality of Bevagna).
The Torti theater in Bevagna was built inside a pre-existing shell, which constituted the city’s Palazzo dei Consoli; in fact, the external facades have ogival mullioned windows which do not have a functional correspondence with the internal spaces. The architectural volume appears connected by intersection with that of the Church of San Silvestro, which is oriented diagonally with respect to the axis of the Theatre; furthermore, the building on the ground floor has a vaulted passage that allows you to cross the building passing from Piazza Silvestri to Piazza Gramsci (back of the Theatre). This position, between two rather large squares, means that the Theater or the “Palace” does not have a real main “façade”, as three out of four sides present significant characteristics.
From a functional point of view, a peculiarity consists in the opposite accesses between the public and the stage staff (actors): in fact the entrance to the Foyer takes place on the first floor, via the monumental staircase which is accessed from the square; instead the service entrance is located at the back, i.e. on Piazza Gramsci. The Theater presents the classic “horseshoe” configuration typical of the “Italian theatre”; the boxes are arranged on three levels, in addition to the gallery. In the stalls there are n. 60 seats arranged in parallel rows. The stage is raised compared to the audience, and “hides” a very low room used as a plant shaft.
Adjacent to the theater space, there are some large rooms, with valuable and decorated walls and ceilings, forming the foyer, bar room and hallway spaces. Some essential services for the functionality of the structure are located on the floor below:

  • Sanitary services for public use: especially the water and sewage systems are in a state of degradation.
  • The area intended for dressing rooms, changing rooms, toilets for workers.

From the analysis of the graphic and design documentation present in the archives of the Municipality of Bevagna, it was possible to verify that the most recent architectural graphics date back to 1975, drawn up by the architect Bruno Salvatici; these drawings were scanned and digitized for the purposes of drafting the executive project of the interventions. At the same time, an update of the investigation and survey method was also carried out: in agreement with the Municipal Administration, it was decided to program a 3D digital survey only for the internal spaces, for the space of the stalls and the adjacent rooms; for this purpose, a specialized body, the Guglielmo Giordano Foundation, in the person of the President Eng. Andrea Margaritelli was entrusted with this service, who coordinated the survey and graphic rendering operations.
In addition to the two-dimensional architectural representations, an interactive 3D model, the so-called “virtual tour”, was produced which allows you to move within the detected space with a realistic perception of spaces and surfaces. This visualization allows you to appreciate very in-depth details of both the decorative apparatus and the material surfaces.