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The curved profile gazebo, a model of shading structure, is outdoor furniture that can be placed outdoors, near swimming pools, in lawns, gardens, pavements and passage areas, in both private and public settings; It has a shading function.

The design idea foresees that it can be created in such a way as to be composed on site, therefore modularity and adaptability is expected; the structure is easily transportable, modifiable, expandable and movable if necessary.

The load-bearing elements are curved profiles which can be made of suitably sized steel (IPE, HEA), or laminated wood or other material; it can also be made in a reticular structure in various materials, as mentioned. The single load-bearing profile can be created as a single element, or as an assembly of multiple elements.

The shaping of the load-bearing element, although curvilinear in its final visual result, can also be achieved through a set of rectilinear sub-elements or through the creation of a single element with variable or constant curvature.

The module is made up of curved load-bearing profiles, a floor of variable material and a layer with a shading function which can be of various nature and must be fixed on the aforementioned profiles. The load-bearing profile is characterized by a first straight part, resting on the floor level, subsequently by two or more sections, which have various curvature.